Japanese Culture

Hina Ningyo (Japanese Hina Dolls) 

Hina Ningyo (Japanese Hina Dolls) (English Edition) 

Hinamatsuri(Doll’s Festival) , celebrated each year on March 3rd, is an occasion to pray for young girls’ growth and happiness. On this day, families with girls display dolls for the Doll’s Festival called Hina-ningyo.

It is said that Hina Ningyo take away the bad luck of girls who own them. People put away Hina Ningyo as soon as Hinamatsuri is over. It is believed that if people put away Hina Ningyo too late, the girl will get married late in the future.

The dolls depict the imperial court.
Each Hina Ningyo wears a Heian period court costume .

Hina Ningyo represents the Emperor, Empress, their servants and so on. Seven-tiered Hina doll set includes the Emperor(odairi-sama), the Empress(ohina-sama), three court ladies(sannin-kanjo), five court musicians(gonin-bayashi), the minister of the left(sadaijin), the minister of the right(udaijin) and three servants(sannin-jougo).

Let’s enjoy the beautiful Hina Ningyo (Japanese Hina Dolls) and feel the Japanese culture!

Hanachouzu – Beautiful Flowers Floating in Water

Hanachouzu is the floating of colorful flowers in the ‘chozubachi’ of the ‘Chozuya’ in shinto shrines.

When visiting a Shinto shrine in Japan, it is a ritual to wash and rinse one’s hands and mouth before praying . This symbolic act takes place at the Chouzuya, which is a fountain or water basin typically stationed near the shrine’s entrance.

Nowadays, shrines in Japan are transforming the stone pools of water into gorgeous artworks with flower arrangements using seasonal flowers. These are known as “hanachouzu”, which are also popular photo spots.

Originally, when there was no water in an outdoor Shinto ritual, purifying hands with dew on flowers was called “Hanachouzu”. In 2017, Youkouji Temple in Kyoto Prefecture floated hydrangea on the Chozuya, and its beauty was recognized nationwide.

You can enjoy beautiful seasonal flowers such as hydrangea in early summer. Camellia and autumn cherry blossom throughout the year. The colorful flowers floating in water each season are very gorgeous and sooth people’s hearts.

Hanachouzu – Beautiful Flowers Floating in Water Vol.01:
Japan’s Culture and Natural Beauty 
Hanachouzu – Beautiful Flowers Floating in Water Vol.01: Japan’s Culture and Natural Beauty

This photo book contains photos including summer flowers taken at “Ashikaga Flower Park” in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.

There are 7 themes:

1. Japanese Morning Glories
2. Prayer for Peace
3. On a Summer night
4. The day when I got lost with you
5. What that girl left behind
6. Pure Love
7. That time we gazed at the sky

Hanachouzu Exhibition Period
July 31(Sat.) ~ August 29(Sun.), 2021

Please be healed by the beautiful scenery of Hanachouzu while feeling the four seasons with a rich atmosphere.

Beautiful Hanachouzu at Night 2021:
Light and Flower Art Created by Professional Florists 
Beautiful Hanachouzu at Night 2021: Light and Flower Art Created by Professional Florists

This Kindle book contains photos taken at “Hikari no Hanachouzu 2021(光の花手水 2021)” , which was exhibited at the flower paradise “Ashikaga Flower Park” in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.

Ashikaga Flower Park (Tochigi, Japan) Winter Illumination Flower Fantasy has won Japan’s Illumination Award for three consecutive years, and it is one of the top three illumination events in Japan.

This is the 20th anniversary of the illumination “Garden of Light Flowers” (2021-2022), and each work expresses the illuminations of the past.

The Miraculous Great Wisteria (2005)

It expresses the beautiful colors of wisteria.

Snow World (2010)

It expresses the light snow that gently accumulates on winter nights. The illuminations are “Santa Claus and the Snowman” A heartwarming story, Snowman and Santa Claus, Reindeer pulled sleds and churches will appear.

Rainbow Magic (2011)

It is made with the rainbow of hope in mind. May it be a bridge to a bright future ……

Japan’s Four Seasons-Home of the Heart (2012)

Illumination is “A scene of home that will remain in everyone’s heart”.

One Earth for All (2013)

I expressed the beauty of the earth we live in. A water-rich earth, a green earth, an important earth.

Rose Garden of Light (2015)

A romantic work with red roses. The illumination of “Rose Garden” is 5000 roses of light in bloom.

Flower field in the sky and the Milky Way

A magnificent work that makes you feel the expanse of the universe. Wish upon a star shining in the night sky.

Enjoy the beautiful Light and Flower Art Created by Professional Florists and feel Japan’s culture!